Electronics Recycling

Computer recycling has become one of the most important tasks facing the recycling industry. Every year millions of computers and electronics become obsolete, yet only 10% of those computers actually get recycled properly. What we offer is top prices for your computer and electronics recycling, and the opportunity to save the environment. We recycle all types of computers and electronics. Top prices paid!

Bluff City Metal Recycling is dedicated to responsible and environmentally safe operating procedures and practices through compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations. Our commitment to maintaining an environmentally sound workplace is demonstrated by our adoption of industry-developed comprehensive environmental operating guidelines. Recycling is an important component in any long-term environmental strategy. It saves natural resources by using secondary rather than virgin materials for manufacturing while simultaneously using less energy. Recycling allows products otherwise destined for disposal to bypass the waste stream altogether. And, it contributes to economic growth through employment opportunities, tax revenues, purchase of new equipment, increased interstate commerce, and exports.

We recycle all types of Electronics

  • CPU’s (No Monitors, No Keyboards)
  • Power Supplies from CPU’s
  • Drives (Hard, CD, DVD, Floppy)
  • Computer Boards
  • PCI, ISA and AGP Cards
  • Ram (Memory sticks)

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